Litigation Intelligence, at your                   fingertips.
Litigation Intelligence at your fingertips.

Say hello to your very own legal Research assistant.

And say goodbye to endless open text searches. Loom is a data-driven legal research assistant that finds, classifies, and sorts case law for you, making the process of case law* research smarter, faster, and more robust. Using a combination of legal analysis and machine learning, Loom provides hard numbers on case law: win/loss rates, judge ruling histories, litigation trends over time, and much more. 

Loom is transforming the way legal research is done.

When doing legal research, why wouldn't you want as complete a picture as possible? 
The structure behind Loom's system makes legal research less stochastic and far more thorough.

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Loom is making legal research smarter.



Loom for Litigators

Add Loom to your Legal Arsenal and be better equipped for court. Quickly review a list of all published decisions by a certain judge or master. See motion success rates. Find cases similar to yours, and see which arguments have been successful -- and which haven't.


Loom for Intelligence

Make better, more informed decisions based on hard data. Visualize industry trends and precedents in order to create and implement better legal strategy. Gain access to data-based insights that will undoubtedly change the way you conduct business, or practice law.


Loom for Research

Use Loom's structured, pre-sorted case law search to find precedent to review and cite, and use the outcome report to find metrics based on the historical body of published Canadian decisions. Legal research with Loom is simple, intuitive, and extremely insightful.


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Experience Loom in a private, personalized demo to get an even better understanding of what Loom is,
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By requesting a demo, you get a web-based or in-person introduction to Loom in a customized presentation that highlights Loom's use cases. Our demos are tailored towards your specific needs and delivered by a member of the Loom Analytics team. We don't mean to brag, but it's the best way to really get a firm grasp on Loom and integrate it seamlessly into your, or your organisation's, workflow.

*Loom's coverage currently encompasses Civil cases in Canada's Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia provinces. We're working tirelessly to attain nationwide and eventually, international coverage. ← Back