Coming Soon: A Loom Analytics Webinar!


"Using legal analytics in your practice"

Are you a civil litigator practicing tort or contract law in Ontario, Alberta, or BC? Interested in finding out what's behind all the legal analytics hype? 

Join Loom on February 28th for a webinar that will show you how to apply legal analytics in your practice using the Loom Analytics system.

Over the course of the half-hour webinar, you will get a step by step look at researching a hypothetical summary judgement motion on Loom.  From looking for relevant case law, to seeing outcome reports for trials versus summary judgements, to checking average turnaround times for summary judgement decisions in your specific area of interest, you'll get a sense of how our analytics system can be used to plan your legal strategy.  In the process, you'll also be getting an overview of how to customize our three basic report types to your best advantage.

We will also take you through:

  • The basics of navigating the Loom system as a new user.
  • An introduction to our new 2017 analytics and research features.
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Loom.
  • Province by province comparisons for specific motion types