New in Loom: Court of Appeal civil coverage for B.C. and Alberta

We’re very excited to announce that as of today, Loom now provides civil (tort and contract law) coverage for the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Our B.C. Court of Appeal civil coverage currently goes back to 2014, and our Alberta Court of Appeal coverage goes back to 2015. Both datasets are up-to-date, and newly published decisions from both courts will be added to our database every week.

The plan is to expand the coverage for both courts back to January 2010 by the end of September.

Civil data for all our other supported courts is also up-to-date to August 8, 2017. The chart below shows our full data coverage details as of today:

How to Run Reports on our New Court Data

When you sign in and are in the Report Centre, you can now select British Columbia Court of Appeal or Alberta Court of Appeal from the Court dropdown menu.

Once the court is selected, simply run a report as you would for any other court by adjusting your desired date range and then  clicking ‘Go’ on the the type of report you’d like to see.

Loom’s long-term goal is to provide our users with access to Canada-wide legal data, and we’ll be keeping you updated as we continue to add new courts and datasets to our system.

Thank you to our users for continuing to provide us with feedback. Found a bug in the system? Have an idea for a cool feature that would make Loom better for you? Drop us a line at