Link Round-Up: Feb. 11, 2016


‘Link Round-up’ gives you a glimpse into the articles that got the most airtime around the Loom Analytics water cooler this week. Published each Thursday, article topics include access to justice, big data, legal technology, and what’s happening in the Canadian legal landscape.

  • Does birth order have an impact on the judicial system? On the SCOTUS blog, Andrew Hamm looks at a fascinating Law Society Review paper that examines the characteristics of first-born and later-born judges in the US:

    “In keeping with the expectations of birth-order socialization, McGuire finds a linkage between the political preferences of members of the Court and their birth order, with first-born Justices more conservative and later-born Justices more liberal, even accounting for other factors that contribute to an adult’s political ideology.”

  • It’s an understatement to say that it can be extremely challenging for vulnerable populations to access and navigate through the complexities of the legal system. On ABlawg this week, Alysia Wright examines access to legal services in women’s shelters, and suggests improvements to the current model.