Loom Website Update 17.9.1: Sharing is Caring Edition

Today, we’re happy to announce three updates designed to help facilitate collaboration, as well as improve security and accessibility.

  1. You can now share reports with other users of Loom with our shareable link feature.
  2. We’ve made two-factor authentication mandatory any time your account is accessed for the first time on a new device.
  3. Our Account Settings page has been redesigned and can now be accessed on your mobile device.

Collaboration: Shareable Links

We know legal research is often a collaborative process, so we’ve developed a new feature that lets you share the reports you generate in Loom with other Loom users.

What are shareable links and why did we create them?

Our reports are designed to be dynamic. When you adjust your search parameters in a given report, the report updates dynamically without force refreshing the screen or changing the URL. Not only does this help keep the user experience seamless, but we’ve also made this choice so that in the future, we’ll be able to set individual privacy settings for user-generated reports. (You can expect to see more on that in an update later this year!)

But this does mean that you can’t just copy and paste the link from the address bar in order to share a report. In the past, this has made it difficult to share Loom reports with other members of your team.

So to solve that problem, we’ve created a shareable link feature that embeds your report settings in a unique URL. You can paste that URL in your browser address bar to re-run the report with the exact same search settings.

How does it work?

In the ‘Search Settings’ section of every report, you’ll now see a hyperlink that reads: “Get shareable link”.

Clicking on the link will open a dialogue box that contains a unique URL. Click on the “Copy Link” icon to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Once you copy the link, the icon will turn green.

You can paste the link into an email or create a bookmark in order to access it in the future.

Note: If you open this link at a later date, you may find that the report has changed slightly. Typically that means that new decisions have been added to the Loom database and are now being accounted for in your report.

Accessibility & Experience: Account Settings Page Redesign and Mobile Responsiveness

Loom’s Account Settings page has been redesigned and is now responsive for mobile use. Prior to the change, the Account Settings menu was on the left hand side of the page. We’ve moved the menu to the top of the screen. The items on the menu itself haven’t changed. They’re just in a different location.

This page can now be viewed on all mobile devices (though the Report Centre is still only accessible on desktops or tablets).

Security: Two-Factor Authentication Update

In our last Loom Update we said that we’d be making 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) mandatory when logging in from a new device for the first time, and now we have. We’ve added this layer of security to help ensure that you’re the only one that can access your account.

To understand what 2FA is, how it works, and why it’s important, you can read our last update.

Data Coverage Updates:

We’ve added a couple more years of civil case law data for the Alberta Court of Appeal and the British Columbia Court of Appeal. ABCA civil coverage now goes back to January 2014, and BCCA civil coverage goes back to January 2013.


Our updates won’t stop here, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted here on the blog and on Twitter as new features roll out over the next few months.