Loom website update 17.6.1: ‘How is it already June?’ edition

We released a long-awaited update to the Loom website today! Here are some of the changes you’ll see:

Faceted Search: Judges & Masters

Before you run a report with a specific judge or master selected, you can now see how many decisions they’ve published. This decision count takes all of the other fields into account, so if you select ‘Personal Injury’ from the Case Category dropdown and re-open the Judges/Masters dropdown, you’ll see how many personal injury decisions each individual judge/master has published.  This way, you can avoid the frustrating situation of setting up all your filters and ending up with zero matches.

Right now this is only available for the Judges/Masters dropdown, but you’ll start seeing facets appear in other dropdowns as well over the next month or so.

Hearing Analytics Report

While Loom has provided analytics on judge/master decision publication times for quite a while now, we found that there were many situations where it would be especially useful to see turnaround times based on specific hearings or groups of hearings. For instance, when bringing a summary judgment motion, how many days typically elapse between the last hearing date and the day the decision is published?

To answer that question and ones like it, we’ve just published a new interactive report called the ‘Hearing Analytics Report’. It’s an all-in-one report that gives you a snapshot of how a particular hearing type has been treated by the courts.

We also wanted to make it simpler to compare recent outcomes and historical outcomes, so this report shows outcomes from 2010 to present alongside outcomes from the last 12 months.* Now you can easily see if there’s been a recent change in how a motion is handled by the courts.

You can also see which judges or masters have the largest publication record for a particular motion type.

New Report Centre UI

We’ve removed the left-hand sidebar in the report centre and in the reports, as well as the white bar that used to appear at the top of the screen. We found that they were taking up too much screen real estate and not adding a lot of value.

We’ve also sorted all of our reports into three groups:

  1. ‘Advanced Reports’ require you to select Court/Practice Area/Date Range before running them and allow you to heavily customize using the ‘Refine Search’ filters.
  2.  ‘Simple Reports’ open with a click and require a little bit of input once the report has opened.
  3. ‘One-Click Reports’ already have all of the settings set up for you. You just need to click ‘Go’ to open the report.

And there’s now a grid view/list view switcher at the top of the report centre if you prefer to see all the reports in list form.

‘Search Settings’ in Case Law Search Report

This has easily been one of our most-requested features. We’ve now added two lines showing the search filters you’ve selected at the top of your Case Law Search report. The court, practice area, and date range show up on the ‘General Details’ line, and any other filters will show up on the ‘Additional Filters’ line. If you’ve selected more than five additional filters, you’ll see a hyperlink which can be clicked to open a pop-up with all your search filters listed.

No more re-opening the ‘Refine Search’ menu to double-check which filters you’ve selected! For now, this is only available in Case Law Search, but we’ll be rolling this out into our other reports shortly as well.

Bug Fixes

1.       Previously, when running a Case Law Search report in an appeals court where there are multiple judges involved in a decision, if you selected a judge from the Judges/Masters dropdown only that judge’s name would appear in the ‘Judge/Master’ line of the results list. This has now been fixed and all judge names associated with a decision appear correctly.

Those are all the major changes in this update. We have more new features coming over the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled.

Found a bug in the system? Have an idea for a cool feature that would make Loom better for you? Drop us a line at feedback@loomanalytics.com

*Right now, B.C. Superior Court coverage only goes back to 2014, but we’re working furiously behind the scenes to expand B.C. coverage back to 2010 as well.