Heads up, we’ve got updates

It’s been a while since I’ve written, or for that matter anyone from our team has written. We spent quite a bit of time earlier this year speaking to clients, both current and potential, about Loom Analytics, and have been hard at work.

A new name and a new look

Given our evolution from Loom Analytics as a company/brand/product into a company with multiple products to meet client needs, we decided it was time to re-brand. While we’re still called Loom Analytics, our public data product which was previously called Loom Analytics is now called Court Analytics. And Structura is our private data analytics product, which provides law firms, insurance companies and corporate legal departments the ability to analyze their own legal data. We have new logos, and a soon to be unveiled new user experience as well, courtesy of our recent research partnership with Seneca College.

New reports

The first iteration of Court Analytics had a research focused user experience with the Advanced Search Report and its numerous filters, and is used by avid researchers who wish to slice and dice the data every which way possible. This was followed by the addition of the Hearing Analytics Report, which was a simple task based report. You want to know everything there is to know about the Summary Judgment Motion, including outcomes and response times, and voila you have it. It’s a one filter search. Clients have asked for the same simplicity and speed when it comes to other fields, so we have two new reports:

  • Judge Analytics – Find out everything you want to know about the judge for your next in-court appearance.

  • Party Analytics – Know your client or the opposing party’s judicial history.

New features

  • Save to PDF – We’ve added a Save to PDF link to the top of all reports, so that you can share your reports with colleagues and add them to your brief for court.

  • Second Factor PIN to email – For those of you who wish to receive your second factor PIN to a secondary email address instead of your cell phone, you can now do so. While we don’t recommend it, we understand that there are situations where you don’t want to share your personal device details for a work related service.

  • Search by Party in Advanced Search – You can now search by party name in the Advanced Search Report, in addition to all the other filters.

We’d like to hear from you

If you’re already using Court Analytics and are looking for additional features, please send us an email at contact at loomanalytics.com. Or maybe tell us about what you like or dislike about the platform today.

We will be hosting a weekly webinar starting mid-October on new features and drill downs for those of you interested, watch out for the schedule by early October.