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Loom Analytics is an analytics-as-a-service platform for legal research.

The Loom database is built by a legal research team that carefully reads through case law then classifies and encodes it. Users can run searches on the Loom platform to find case law that fits their precise criteria, as well as view graphical breakdowns of outcomes and judicial decision publication times.

For example, users can quickly find all decisions authored by a particular judge, all personal injury decisions that contain a specific motion, all decisions where a plaintiff won at trial, etc. The large number of available filters means that users can drill down into the data to quickly answer extremely specific research questions.

Currently, Loom’s database covers Ontario, BC, and Alberta tort and contract law, though it is working on expanding into different jurisdictions and practice areas.

Every day, the Loom team is working to come up with new ways of making legal research smarter and easier.


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