Link Round-Up: July 21, 2017


'Link Round-Up’ gives you a glimpse into the articles that got the most airtime around the Loom Analytics water cooler this week. Published every Friday, article topics include access to justice, big data, legal technology, and what’s happening in the Canadian legal landscape.


"The expansion is into consumer rights, from fighting your landlord to getting a refund when something isn't delivered on time … I think businesses should be forced to treat consumers better, and consumer rights bots will hopefully change that."

 In addition to the new chatbots created by Browder and his team, DoNotPay will also be introducing the option for anyone to create their own legal chatbot on the DoNotPay platform with no tech expertise required. Lawyers, activists, charities or other interested parties need simply to fill out a form and send it to the DoNotPays staff, who will do the work of verifying the legal information and creating the final product.

Let a girl dream

Let a girl dream

  • Australian Senator Larissa Waters has recently had to resign her post after learning that she holds dual Australian and Canadian citizenships. Waters was born in Winnipeg, but had not been to Canada since she was 11 months old and was unaware that she held dual citizenship. Unfortunately, Australia's constitution does not allow "citizen[s] of a foreign power" to be elected to Parliament.
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada has announced their intention to restore the Supreme Court of Canada building. The building will be vacated for the duration of the renovations, with occupants being relocated to the empty West Memorial Building while the work is completed.
  • Finally, we at Loom would like to extend hearty congratulations to Robert Ambrogi, who has been named one of the winners of the 2017 Yankee Quill, a lifetime achievement award celebrating journalistic excellence and "New England's highest journalistic honor." Ambrogi will be honoured alongside Robin Young and James Franklin in a ceremony in Massachusetts on October 12th.