Link Round-Up: March 10, 2017


'Link Round-Up’ gives you a glimpse into the articles that got the most airtime around the Loom Analytics water cooler this week. Published every Friday, article topics include access to justice, big data, legal technology, and what’s happening in the Canadian legal landscape.

  • The CBC reports that the Canadian federal government is working to clean up the Criminal Code, stripping laws that have been overturned, deemed unconstitutional, or simply have become outdated since the last (and only) major overhaul way back in the 1950s. Despite no longer being enforceable, these "zombie" provisions, including one outlawing abortion, remain on the books. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould made an official announcement on the matter on March 8th, speaking from Parliament Hill.

'As an immigration attorney, I can see the major benefits that leveraging sophisticated chatbot technology will have in the asylum application process. It will be easier for applicants to submit their applications and it will empower legal aid organisations to assist a larger numbers of clients. Asylum seekers want to follow the laws and do everything properly, and this technology will help them do so."

However, Reid F. Trautz, director of the Practice & Professionalism Center at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has raised some concerns:

“Those seeking asylum may not get the correct advice they need upfront, he added. And if there is conflict between what an asylum seeker says using the bot and what he/she says later on, there could be some concerns raised by the government.

‘It’s not about filling out the form,’ Trautz advised. ‘It’s about putting the right information into that form.’”