59% of defendants win motions to deem litigation as vexatious in the ONSC


Nuisance claims can be a huge drain on a defendant’s time and resources. Thankfully, Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure provide a few different remedies for dealing with vexatious litigation. Below is an Outcome Report from the Loom Analytics system that shows how often a defendant who brings a motion to deem litigation as vexatious in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice actually wins that motion (click to see full image). The odds appear to be good, as these motions have historically been successful about 59% of the time.


We also ran a second report on motions to deem litigants as vexatious (click to see full image). Though this motion is much rarer (motions to deem litigation as vexatious are brought more than six times more frequently), it has an even higher win rate at 78%.


Below is a video showing how you can run this report yourself using your Loom Analytics account.

MoneyballHarman Singh