Court Analytics for BigLaw

The research needs of BigLaw associates vary widely not just from case to case but from day to day, so finding a single tool that can keep up is tricky. Court Analytics reports allows users to answer complex questions as quickly as they can think them up, no matter what stage of litigation they find themselves at.

Need a specific report? Loom has a plan to meet your needs:

Counsel Analytics

Hearing Analytics

Party Analytics

Firm Analytics

Damage Analytics

Appellate Analytics

Advanced Search

Class Decisions

Marketing Toolkit


or  $22k annuaL

Multiselect available

Litigator's toolkit



Single Search Only

Class ActiOn Toolkit



Single Search Only

*Reports only cover class action decisions

All But Classes



Multiselect available

Kit & Kaboodle 



Multiselect available

*Reports available for all Court Analytics Data

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