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There’s a lot you can do with a lot of data at your fingertips, but that can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be difficult to know where to start narrowing in, what’s important, or sometimes even just how to frame the question. Plus, if you’re only looking for a one-off solution, you may not want to allocate the time and resources needed to find the correct analytics platform for you or to train employees how to use it.

That’s been a struggle here at Loom Analytics as well—figuring out not only what it is that people want to know, but what form that data should take, and how best to arm our customers with the tools to ask the questions. We couldn’t possibly offer everything.

Now we can.

Introducing Reports-on-Demand

Loom Analytics is happy to announce the launch of our new Reporting-as-a-Service Initiative, Reports-on-Demand. With Reports-on-Demand, your firm or enterprise can request a custom one-off legal analytics report that answers your most pressing legal questions. You tell us what you need to know, and we can do the rest.

Request Custom Queries of the Court Analytics Data Set

Have a specific question that the Court Analytics filters can’t quite get at, or that would be difficult or time-consuming to answer through our Reporting Centre? Want one-off answers without the need for a monthly service? With our Basic Custom Report, you can request a custom search of the Court Analytics legal database. We’ll compile the results and present you with answers in the form that works best for you.

Unique Datasets

In addition to offering custom reports on our current data, Court Analytics Reports-on-Demand will work with new datasets, so you can get custom legal analytics reports on any available legal data. New data sets could include courts or date ranges outside of our current coverage in the Canadian legal system, publically available legal databases of any sort, or even plugging a firm’s internal documents into our analytics platform.

Our team will encode the data and run your queries, then break down the results in a report formatted to your specifications. You get the analytics advantage without the need for a data team or the purchase of a monthly service.

At Loom, we know that data makes a difference, which is why we’re always trying to expand the ways our clients can use data in their operations. With Reports-on-Demand, we offer solutions for complex legal analytics problems that fall outside the purview of regular analytics platforms.

Ready to get started? Fill out a Reports-on-Demand request form and we’ll be in contact shortly with a quote.

Have questions about Reports-on-Demand? Feel free to contact us.

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