Legal Research, Meet Court Analytics

What is Court Analytics?

Have you ever wished you could see the future? We’ve got the next best thing.

Court Analytics is Loom’s SaaS platform for Canadian case law analytics. Court Analytics streamlines legal research and provides empirical, quantitative data to help you predict results and strategize through every step of the legal process. Everything from relevant case law to historic success rates, average damages, and information on opposing counsel are available at a click of a button, so you can be sure you’re going into court prepared.

Currently, the Court Analytics database covers Ontario, BC, and Alberta, and we’re constantly working on expanding into new jurisdictions and practice areas.

How Does it Work?

Our legal team carefully reads through case law, then classifies and encodes it on our end, doing away with bulky keyword searches that produce piles of extraneous results. Instead, users simply enter the specific details they’re interested in into the platform’s parametric search, and Court Analytics returns only hearings that match those exact specifications—no need to narrow down, winnow out, or skim through dozens of irrelevant cases.

Stop wasting your time with bulky keyword searches that produce piles of extraneous results.
With parametric search, you can filter your search by specific case details, meaning that your results are always directly relevant to your case.

Choose between an Assisted Search Report for a specific element of a case such as hearing analytics or average damages, or switch over to our Advanced Report to fully customize your results. Use the parametric search to narrow your search from tens of thousands of decisions in seconds—how general or specific your results are is entirely up to you.

Enhance your Legal Research with Our Customizable Analytics Reports

Whatever your Role, Court Analytics has you Covered

Legal Professionals

Whether you’re a large firm or a solo practitioner, take advantage of our structured case law to power up your legal case while reducing costs and increasing results.

Insurance Professionals

Need a second opinion? Get invaluable insight with the click of a button to spot trends in insurance litigation, minimize your risk, and improve your outcomes.

Corporate Consultants

Combine professional expertise with quantitative data to minimize your clients’ risk exposure and help them make strategic decisions with all available information.


Use legal analytics to spot emerging patterns and get a big picture overview of changing legal trends.

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