Toronto-based start-up, Loom Analytics, has taken its legal data analysis tool into new territory by offering an application that helps law firms and companies to analyse settled matters that did not leave behind a public court record.

At many law firms, there is a lot of critical legal and business intelligence that’s buried in “dark data” – that is, the thousands of individual records, spreadsheets, and text files that are created during daily business activities. Structura’s platform helps clients organize and structure their records in order to make that data accessible and usable.

“We are excited to work with Loom Analytics to explore how these new tools can help us deliver better strategies and more reliable solutions to our litigation clients.”

"The insights that can be gained by our litigators, faster and more deeply using Loom, were too valuable an opportunity to pass up."

Court Analytics is an analytics-as-a-service platform for Canadian case law analytics. Built by our legal team that carefully reads through case law, then classifies and encodes it, you can use the platform to plan for potential scenarios both in and out of court, using our advanced and assisted search reports, including Judge, Hearing, Party, Counsel and Damage Analytics reports.

Loom’s Court Analytics platform delivers law firms and legal departments invaluable insights about their cases, clients, opponents, and the judges they appear before. Its clients include several large leading Canadian national law firms, and it has been covered by numerous industry publications.  Court Analytics is powered by a legal research team, and assisted by an AI process, that carefully reviews, classifies, and encodes case law.  In seconds, lawyers can find all of the decisions of a particular judge, and can narrow this down by type of hearing (e.g. summary judgment motion or trial of a class action), as well as by type of claim (e.g. personal injury, wrongful dismissal, product liability).  Historical win/loss percentages and judicial decision publication times are also provided. Similar reports can also be run on clients and opposing parties/counsel.  Currently, Court Analytics’ database covers Ontario, BC, and Alberta, and we are constantly working on expanding into different jurisdictions and practice areas.

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