About Loom Analytics

Loom Analytics is a Canadian data analytics company that builds SaaS platforms for law firms and corporate legal departments.  Its products include the award winning Court Analytics platform, that provides quantitative outcomes for Canadian courts, and Structura, a data analytics platform for our clients to assess risk and anticipate outcomes for their own matters based on historical trends.

Loom’s Court Analytics platform delivers law firms and legal departments invaluable insights about their cases, clients, opponents, and the judges they appear before. Its clients include several large leading Canadian national law firms, and it has been covered by numerous industry publications.  Court Analytics is powered by a legal research team, and assisted by an AI process, that carefully reviews, classifies, and encodes case law.  In seconds, lawyers can find all of the decisions of a particular judge, and can narrow this down by type of hearing (e.g. summary judgment motion or trial of a class action), as well as by type of claim (e.g. personal injury, wrongful dismissal, product liability).  Historical win/loss percentages and judicial decision publication times are also provided. Similar reports can also be run on clients and opposing parties/counsel.  Currently, Court Analytics’ database covers Ontario, BC, and Alberta, and we are constantly working on expanding into different jurisdictions and practice areas.

Every day, the Loom team is working to come up with new ways of empowering lawyers with case altering insights from legal analytics. Start using Court Analytics today with a free seven day trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loom Analytics?

In short, Loom Analytics is an online legal analytics system. Loom encodes and categorizes information contained within legal decisions. This information ranges from basic details like judge names and party types to more complex information like outcomes and subject matter. All this data is made available to users in the form of responsive, customizable reports.

What is “legal analytics”?

Legal analytics is an empirical, quantitative approach to the law. In particular, Loom’s approach to legal analytics focuses on the interpretation of case law precedent. Legal analytics represents a shift from anecdotes to hard data. These are some questions that legal analytics can help answer: How does new case law affect outcomes? What proceeding types are seeing a rise in litigation? What areas of the law are most plaintiff-friendly? Is the industry chatter about a specific jurisdiction or presiding authority based in rumor or fact?

What data does Loom have available?

Loom currently provides coverage for civil decisions in Alberta, B.C., and Ontario’s superior courts and appeals courts, as well as the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Specific coverage dates are available when you log into the platform.

Loom is adding new coverage for new provinces and courts on a regular basis. Keep checking this space to see what data is available.

How do I get started?

Click the “7-Day Free Trial” button on the home page or click here. This will take you to a registration form where you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

What does it cost?

After the first 7 days, Loom currently costs $100.00 per month per user. If you subscribe to Loom annually it costs $1,100.00 (8% discount). If you’re an enterprise user, contact us for enterprise pricing and pilot details.