Structura is a SaaS platform that helps companies mine and analyze their private data.



Go from unstructured to structured

Say farewell to bankers boxes and unorganized digital documents. Structura is a data management and analytics platform that organizes and digitizes your unstructured records, spreadsheets, and text files. Use one of your company's most valuable assets -- your data -- to guide your decision-making. 

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Get data entry done fast

Structura's architecture will allow your firm to enter current and historical data into our intuitive reporting system. Alternately, on a per project basis, Structura's team will do the data entry or digitization for you. For an even deeper dive in your data, relevant open datasets can be added to the database to improve pattern detection. 


Reap the benefits of analytics

Get a closer look at your company's track record, and use real hard data to assess your biggest strengths. Use Structura to spot patterns early in order to detect critical up-and-coming opportunities. Get new employees up to speed fast by using data to help them understand why decisions were made and the factors that lead to success.

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Structura works for your industry.



Use measurable data to make decisions about which litigations paths to take. Analyze historical patterns to help understand when to settle and how much to settle for.


Use Structura to analyze claims data and find patterns. Help new employees benefit from your company's experience and institutional knowledge. 



Structura's reporting system can help you organize and analyze the data collected by your department as well as the data generated by your department.


Power up your company by analyzing the data that you generate every day. Get ahead of the competition by detecting new trends fast.



Pick the Structura plan that works best for you.



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