Your business is changing and so is the industry around it, but is every part of your organization keeping up?

With the number of moving parts within a business structure, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding compliance can be an ongoing struggle. All it takes is one communications breakdown for your organization to find itself in regulatory hot water, or realizing too late that you or one of your clients is in breach of contract.

Using Structura, you can automate your data analysis and risk assessment processes within hours and without a dedicated data or development team, so you can say goodbye to spot checks and hello to complete compliance oversight.

Structura Can Help.

How do you ensure that your compliance procedures are both comprehensive enough to keep your protected and dynamic enough to change along with industry regulations?  When it comes to the regulations in place for your industry, you don’t mess around. But combing through all the data that your enterprise generates is impractical, and even automated procedures can fall out of date as regulations change. That’s a big risk to take when all it takes is one piece of missed information for you to find yourself facing major financial repercussions.

The Result?

  • Gaps in internal communication leading to lags in policy and procedure updates
  • Failure to keep up with changing regulations
  • Failed audits bringing hefty regulatory fines

What Can Structura Do?

Structura offers an alternative, proactive approach to regulatory compliance, allowing you to build automated regulatory checks directly into your workflow. The platform sits at the centre of your enterprise, pulling data from every part of your organization into a comprehensive overview of how the moving parts fit together.

You can configure Structura with your specific regulatory parametersStructura updates dynamically as new matters or data come in and notifies you immediately if anything is amiss. Plus, configuration only requires a matter of minutes and can be easily retooled whenever necessary, so you can adapt immediately to changes in regulations.

Peace of mind is only a few clicks away.

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Keeping track of contractual obligations is essential to mitigating risk exposure, but how do you ensure that every contract handled by your business is up to date, valid, and compliant on both ends of the equation? When your systems rely on manual updates or multiple systems of record, the potential for a breakdown in the line of communication increases as contracts get amended or new information comes in. And flagging potential risk factors cannot be as effective when working off incomplete information.

The Result?

  • Constantly playing catch up with your contracts
  • Gaps in contractual updates leading to failure of contractual obligations
  • Failure to flag risk factors exposing your business to massive potential losses
  • Breach of contract leading to financial and legal consequences

What Can Structura Do?

Through API integration, Structura seamlessly weaves records from your 3rd party services with your internal contract records and updates in response to new information, so you can see all changes to relevant contractual data in real time. You can configure Structura to immediately notify you under specific circumstance, such as the presence of risk factors in new or existing contracts, or when a certain action would put you in breach of contract.

Keep track of your contractual obligations and those of your clients.

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