When it comes to your company’s data, your analytics team has a single goal: finding patterns that help you grow your business.

But this seemingly simple objective is easier said than done. With issues like a lack of dynamic real-time data, a plurality of systems of record, and mountains of spreadsheets to dig through, analytics teams can get bogged down with the sheer volume of data, taking their time away from more skilled work. Throwing more people at the problem doesn’t always help either, as keeping track of workflow becomes more complicated and tasks or data may slip through the cracks.

Structura Can Help.

Consider—your company experiences an unexpected uptick in sales one week, but loses an unprecedented number of customers at the time of renewal over the next month, leaving you with some questions. What caused these two events? Can the uptick be repeated? Even more importantly, can the loss of customers be avoided?

As you might imagine, these questions are not simple to answer.  With so many moving parts in the day to day operations of your business, gaps in communication inevitably occur, and a consolidated view of what’s happening can seem almost impossible, leaving your company slow to react at crucial junctures. 

The Result?

  • Black box sales and marketing campaigns
  • Invoicing errors damaging customer relationships
  • Deployment and integration delays incurring excess costs
  • Missed opportunities for renewals resulting in customer churn
  • Missed opportunities for revenue uplift

What can Structura Do?

Structura does the grunt work of consolidating your company’s data, letting your business intelligence and data teams get back to doing what they do best—developing strategies to grow your business and increase your revenue.  With centralized data and a host of analytics tools, Structura can help you understand what’s driving your sales as well as what’s hurting your customer retention. Plus, you can track the effects of business and marketing strategies in real time, so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Your company stays agile and able to head off problems as they occur.

And the best part?

No More Missed Opportunities.

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When pricing your products, how do you make sure that you’re maximizing revenue? You’ve done your market research, but a constantly shifting landscape means that what was true yesterday won’t necessarily be true tomorrow. Plus, if your billing, invoicing, and ERP systems aren’t integrated, all sorts of inefficiencies, redundancies, and even out and out lapses in your pricing and fulfillment can arise.

The Result?

  • An inability to adequately respond to fluctuating market forces
  • Error-prone internal processes disrupting revenue flow
  • Over or under-charging of customers negatively impacting retention and profit
  • Inability to meet revenue and volume commitments

What Can Structura Do?

Structura consolidates all of the data that’s relevant to your pricing in one place, bringing together your internal company documentation, integrating with your third party invoicing, billing and other ERP systems, and even pulling relevant public data that you’re already tracking. That means everything you need to account for when pricing is centralized and up-to-date. Combining that with our analytics tools, Structura gives you all the tools you need to effectively analyze your company’s data to optimize your pricing, find upsell opportunities, and adapt to fluctuations in the market quickly as they arise. Plus, since everything is in one place, it’s easy to keep track of the interplay between your pricing, product volumes, and the revenue you’re bringing in. 

Price Competitively, Adapt Quickly, and Maximize Profit.

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