Loom is making legal research smarter.
One court, practice area, and province at a time.

Say goodbye to endless open text searches. By sorting and classifying case law for you, we're making the process of case law research smarter, faster, and more robust. Using a combination of legal analysis and machine learning, Loom provides hard numbers on case law: win/loss rates, judge ruling histories, litigation trends over time, and much more. 


Loom for Litigators

Quickly review a list of all published decisions by a certain judge or master. See motion success rates. Find cases matching the profile of your case, and see which arguments have been successful -- and which haven't.


Loom for A2J

See the differences in litigation outcomes which involve a disparity in resources. View historical success rates for trials where a company faces off against an individual or a self-represented litigant faces a represented litigant. 


Loom for Academics

Use Loom's structured, pre-sorted case law search to find precedent to review and cite, and use the outcome report to find metrics based on the historical body of published Canadian decisions.  

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Loom is transforming the way legal research is done.

At Loom, our driving ethos is that data is superior to anecdata.  

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When doing legal research, why wouldn't you want a complete a picture as possible? 
The structure behind Loom's system makes legal research less stochastic and far more thorough.