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Loom is an online legal analytics system providing structure to the large corpus of unstructured Canadian legal open data. Right now Canadian legal statistics are almost impossible to come by, and are primarily limited to the work of legal academics. Loom is filling this gap one court level, practice area and province at a time.

We use a combination of machine learning and legal analysis to classify case law along multiple vectors allowing for statistical analysis. Users can see how a particular judge has ruled on specific motions or claims at trial, what kinds of cases make it to court most frequently, the average decision turnaround time, and the average cost and damage awards broken down by case type.

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Our Reports
outcomereportlaptopgraphic-redView historical outcomes for motions or trials at a glance. The Win/Loss Outcome Report returns a percentage breakdown of all outcomes based on your selected search parameters. This report can be tailored to indicate if your party is bringing or responding to the motion at hand. Furthermore, if your client is one of multiple parties on the same side of a proceeding, you can customize your search to view results where all of your selected party type share the same outcome. Quickly build informed case strategy by viewing how motions or trials have played out in cases like yours.
caselawlaptopgraphic-redFind relevant case law in seconds. An alternative to the traditional boolean search, the Case Law Search report filters out the noise and provides you with decisions that are actually relevant to your case at hand. Our team of lawyers and legal analysts have carefully categorized each decision based on over 15 different parameters, so you can be confident that the decisions returned will be about your specific search criteria and won't simply reference the search terms somewhere in the document, saving you hours of filtering through decisions to find what you're looking for.
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