Hearing Analytics

Get a snapshot on how a particular hearing gets treated by decision makers

Judge Analytics

Find out everything you want to know about a judge for your next in-court appearance

Party Analytics

See a detailed breakdown of a party’s litigation outcomes, counsel representation and types of disputes

Counsel Analytics

Research litigation tactics of opposing counsel before you face them in court

Find a Counsel

Hire your next counsel based on their in-court track record

Advanced Search

Find out about the outcome of motions, trials, and applications/petitions. Refine your search to see results broken down by party, judge, practice area, etc.


“We are excited to work with Loom Analytics to explore how these new tools can help us deliver better strategies and more reliable solutions to our litigation clients.”

"The insights that can be gained by our litigators, faster and more deeply using Loom, were too valuable an opportunity to pass up."

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