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Preparing for cases can be overwhelming. Loom provides a combination of legal analysis and machine learning to help lawyers deliver data-driven results.


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Loom is a data-driven legal research assistant that finds, classifies, and sorts case law* for you. Using a combination of legal analysis and machine learning, Loom provides hard numbers on win/loss rates, judge ruling histories, litigation trends over time, and much more. 


Whatever your role, we've got you covered.

Big Law Firms

Take advantage of our structured case law to power up your associates while reducing costs and increasing results.


Small Law Firms

Focus on growing your firm by reducing the time spent on case prep with our parametric search capabilities.

Solo Professionals

Enrich, engage, and deliver quick and effective results for your clients so that they can keep referring their friends and colleagues to you.


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In a few easy steps, generate a report that clearly summarizes case law data based on your search criteria. You can use our reports to get an overview of big picture trends or zoom in on the specific facts or hearing types that matter to you most.

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Take control of your research and say goodbye to case law search headaches

With our advanced search features you can find exactly what you're looking for during case preparation. Simply refine your search settings and zero in on your target.


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*Loom's coverage currently encompasses Civil cases (tort, contract and some municipal) in Canada's Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia provinces. We're working tirelessly to attain nationwide and eventually, international coverage.