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Loom Analytics is a Toronto based data analytics company that provides an online Court Analytics tool. It’s available on the web and also through our mobile app. Court analytics provides you with analytics on the latest data from Canadian case law, such as parties' win and loss rates, judicial trends and party track records. So, essentially, Loom is providing legal practitioners with a powerful legal data analysis tool which helps them implement a better strategy prior to entering court.


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Loom Analytics is an analytics-as-a-service platform for Canadian case law research.

The Loom database is built by a legal research team that carefully reads through case law then classifies and encodes it. Use the Loom platform to find case law that fits your precise criteria, as well as view graphical breakdowns of outcomes and judicial decision publication times. 


Put your data to work. Structura is a custom analytics platform built just for you. It's a place to organize and digitize your company's unstructured records, spreadsheets and text files.

Structura gives you the ability to spot trends and patterns you've never been able to detect before. Tap into the data you generate every day and begin to harness the power of your internal analytics.



Every day, the Loom team is working on tools to make legal analysis better and smarter.



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