Loom Analytics is a Canadian data analytics company building data analytics platforms for a variety of industries.  Its products include the award-winning Court Analytics, a legal analytics platform which supports quantitative legal research for Canadian courts, and Structura, a groundbreaking, fully customizable data analytics platform which allows clients to assess risk and anticipate outcomes for their own matters based on historical trends. Every day, the Loom team is working to come up with new ways of empowering businesses with data analytics.

Structura is a web-based analytics and data management platform that provides an intuitive, customisable environment that consolidates and makes usable all of a company’s data. With easy-to-use statistical modelling capabilities, any data available to Structura can be plugged into a predictive model, allowing users to mitigate risk and anticipate outcomes without a data science team.

Court Analytics is Loom’s data analytics platform for Canadian case law. Our legal team carefully reads through case law, then classifies and encodes it, allowing users to look up case data by specific desired parameters such as parties, decision practice areas, the judge or master presiding over the decision, and more.


Toronto-based start-up, Loom Analytics, has taken its legal data analysis tool into new territory by offering an application that helps law firms and companies to analyse settled matters that did not leave behind a public court record.

At many law firms, there is a lot of critical legal and business intelligence that’s buried in “dark data” – that is, the thousands of individual records, spreadsheets, and text files that are created during daily business activities. Structura’s platform helps clients organize and structure their records in order to make that data accessible and usable.

“We are excited to work with Loom Analytics to explore how these new tools can help us deliver better strategies and more reliable solutions to our litigation clients.”

"The insights that can be gained by our litigators, faster and more deeply using Loom, were too valuable an opportunity to pass up."